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Our mission is the execution of perfection; to restore and preserve your vehicle’s natural beauty. Every day your vehicle’s finish is assaulted by environmental hazards and elements while your interior is blasted by mud, dirt, coffee and even the advanced nuclear weapons of war known as children. Even if your vehicle is fresh off the dealer lot, it has paint contamination. This is why restoration and protection is key.

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Chris Schaub

Chris’ passion for automobiles and motorsports dates back to his early childhood. From collecting rare Hot Wheels, attending annual Rod Runs with his father, to motorcycle and automotive racing. He’s always had a deep passion for everything car-related.


We offer a wide selection of services to help restore and preserve your vehicles finish and natural beauty. We have built several value-packed ceramic coating packages that combine services that our customers frequently ask for.


Our Interior Packages focus on the most overlooked parts of your vehicle. This area of the car is where you spend the majority of your time so it should be beautiful, clean, and comfortable. From the carpet and floor mats to the headliner, we have packages to service all aspects of your interior.

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You know they say first impressions are everything. Every car is a work of art by a talented designer and to us that is worth protecting. Now this work of art is yours and you should be proud of it. From simple washes to full ceramic coatings, we have several packages and services to help you restore and preserve that beauty.


Paint Correction

Paint correction is the first step for those vehicle owners who want to stand out from the crowd. These processes achieve higher levels of perfection by removing contaminants, swirls, paint defects, scratches, and marring. This is also a necessary step before any long-term protection to ensure proper adhesion and aesthetics.


Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are for those owners who want to add that next level of protection for their investment. Ceramic coatings create a solid barrier between your paint and the elements that far surpasses the protection of common waxes and sealants. It’s not uncommon for ceramic coatings to last for years with proper maintenance.

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What Our Clients Say

“Professionalism at its finest! Really makes sure every detail is looked over and made my truck feel brand new again and looked even better than when I bought it brand new! Would recommend to everyone who wants their car/truck to look it’s best!”

Eric Townsend

“Incredible job. My car hasn’t looked this good since we bought it. Fast professional service. I wish i could give more than 5 stars!!!!!”

Lea Owens

“I would highly recommend Veteran’s to detail your car. I brought my 2015 Tacoma to them and he restored her better than the day I bought her! The second day after the detailing I happened to park near a irrigation system and my car got sprayed, absolutely no spots from dried water, and it immediately came off. He also was able to restore areas on my truck that had become faded from the sunlight, and they look great! Thank you again!”

Cody Ross

“Highly recommended. Excellent attention to detail.”

Burak Gul