Who are we?

Every member of our team, past, present, or future, is a highly qualified, passionate detailer and automobile lover. Our company will always focus on quality over quantity, and that will always reflect in our team members and the jobs they perform. From start to finish, we will take care of your prized possession and restore its perfection. Veteran’s Detailing primarily offers services for interior/exterior detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating. Every appointment starts with a face to face consultation where we can discuss the services we offer, the services your vehicle needs, and how those services will help restore, protect, and maintain your vehicle’s beauty for years to come. Whether you’re buying a new car from a dealer or just maintaining your garage, give us a call so we can take care of you.

“Automobiles are our passion”

Automobiles have long been the ultimate display of one’s own desire, status, and passion. We know this because we live it; automobiles are our passion. We want to show you the true beauty of your vehicle. Through our two decades of experience, extensive product knowledge and testing, and focus on quality over quantity, we’re confident we can provide a service you’ll value for life.

Every appointment with us is a hand-crafted experience to ensure you understand the work that goes into restoring and protecting your vehicle, ensuring you get exactly the services your vehicle needs, and to show you that our goal isn’t to meet your expectations, but exceed them. Our relationships with our customers are just as valuable as the services we provide.

Our clients are family.

Our goal as a business is not to sell a single product or service to a single person and never see them again. We want to establish a lasting relationship based on a trust, understanding, and mutual desire to see other’s goals exceeded.

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